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Four varieties of wildflower honey. Raw, sweet and delicious!
Boulder Wildflower
  Light amber honey with a delicate, perfumed flavor.
  12 oz. jar

Prairie Wildflower
  Rich and sweet with a classic honey flavor.
  12 oz. jar

Emily's Gold
  Light and sweet with a classic clover flavor.
  12 oz. jar

Sweet St. Vrain
  Special variety - unique, wild and grassy.
  12 oz. jar

Luminous handcrafted candles, Lemon yellow to golden brown. Clean burning and long lasting.

  1.5 oz.

Aromatherapy Tin
  Lightly scented with cedar & fur, lavender or lemon grass essential oil.
  1.5 oz. tin

Pinecone Candle
  10 ounces of pure beeswax!

Age-old folk remedy made from trees by bees.
Raw Honeybee Propolis
  10 g. tin
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